We are Eileen Hsu and Catherine Chaohua Jin, Chinese Real Estate Team with Douglas Elliman Real Estate Manhattan New York, the City’s largest residential Real Estate brokerage firm.

金屋网团队成员在纽约市声誉高, 精通中英文, 地产经验丰富, 认真严谨, 对市场信息了如指掌, 办事效率高, 市场研究彻底, 立足于高科技前卫.

許小姐Eileen Hsu是全美1%最佳地产经纪人之一, 在道格拉斯爱尔门 Douglas Elliman Real Estate公司工作多年, 经验丰富, 交易额卓越, 办事效率惊人. 主办纽约住家地产交易. 精通中英文和台湾话. 提供最佳买方和卖方服务.

Eileen Hsu, Top Producing licensed Real Estate salesperson of Douglas Elliman Real Estate is the visionary of this unique partnership, is endlessly brainstorming new ways to improve services connecting sellers and buyers. Eileen not only uses traditional marketing such as direct mailing and open houses for the partnerships properties. She also uses her golden relationships and international connections with Real Estate investors, Real Estate agents, and various internet websites to maximize the sphere of influence to provide powerful exposure of their properties. From Web 2.0 marketing, Group Property Tour, Foreign Language internet websites, and Public Buyer Seminars/Webinars, past sellers consistently are pleased by the overwhelming results of Eileen’s creative flair to boost their property. To continue Eileen’s recognition, Eileen’s own assimilation to American culture helps her understand the special needs and culture difference of international buyers from BOTH Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore) and Europe (Italy and United Kingdom). International buyers seek her out to purchase either their second home (pied-a-terre) or investment condominium.

金小姐是资格高深的曼哈顿房地产经纪人, 在道格拉斯爱尔门地产公司,有多年住家地产和商业地产经验。 金小姐浙江大学毕业, 纽约大学硕士生毕业, 中英文一流, 专业化, 职业意识强, 办事效率杰出, 服务全面,能为您在曼哈顿地产和其他地区的地产投资提供最佳方案.

Chaohua Catherine Jin connects buyers/investors with Manhattan’s vibrant condo and townhouse market with skills which are unique in the industry. Catherine offers an unparallel knowledge of Manhattan real estate, but she also understands the special challenges and enriching opportunities that market presents for Asian buyers. Catherine is well connected with the communities both locally and overseas and she is a trusted advisor to Manhattan developers and investors. In 2011 and 2012 Catherine was featured in Sunday New York Times for her listings. Catherine was on Fox Business News for her Manhattan Condo Tour for Chinese Buyers. In 2009 her team was featured in Dutch IDTV’s documentary series about Manhattan‘s history and the film followed the team members and a group of Chinese buyers in high-profile property tour. Also, Catherine is very active Chinese media, such as Sina news. In the newest season of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York City 2013, Catherine appears on the show as Chinese Real Estate expert consulting for major Chinese Real Estate investment groups.
金小姐联系电话:917.863.0551 电邮cjin@elliman.com

This Chinese Mandarin Real Estate team represents the new generation of Real Estate Professional with all the modern flair, this is a collective group of forward thinking, technology savvy, multi-lingual, prompt, licensed real estate professionals providing seamless service to sellers and buyers from the world of Manhattan Real Estate.

  • New Generation (Generation X & Y) Marketing Trendsetters
  • Technology Savvy and Internet Recognized Real Estate Agents
  • Dynamic Multi Lingual Capabilities
  • “Asia’s Connection to Manhattan Real Estate”
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